Good Morning – Warned You

Scott reminded me of this song today. Stumbled on this towards the beginning of 2017, I think while looking for music similar to Mac DeMarco for a mix for the schools radio station. These guys make me want to dance.

This song reminds me of late winter this year, which was when Shilin and I first spoke and also when Vito and I were hanging out a lot. After I showed him this song I swear we listened to it at least 100 times together, reminds me of the road trip to Wisconsin to visit his sister.

she played that ^^^ song for us while we were there. It’s a “banger” as Vito called it. I would have to agree.

I have a few more things to move into the new apartment but we’re almost done. The new place is great and I’m so happy I get to share it with the woman I love.

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