Tropidelic – Ideal

“Made a lot of enemies, but more friends”

This one makes me miss home, and the homies.

These guys were formed right up the street from me in Kent, Ohio. In this song there is a line “A Justin Roberts painting that I float in.” I have hung out with Justin a few times and he is a cool dude and one hell of a painter! I was introduced to him by my friend Holly when we went to Kent like almost every week. I love this song.

“It’s not ideal, but I deal.”

I love the word play here, he says he “deals” even though it’s not ideal. When he says ‘deal’ it can be taken as dealing with the situation and also dealing drugs.

I got to see these guys play one time live in Kent, and Justin was there doing his live painting during the show!

Correction: I got to see them twice! The other time was in Cleveland, I was drunk haha… took me a second to remember! The next day my friend Ryan was veryyy sick XD

It was great! I hope I can see them again sometime.

“Gimme good green and some Erie vibes”


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