Tom Petty – Free Fallin’

Rest In Peace Tom Petty, we miss you.

This was probably the first song that I can remember hearing from Tom Petty. My mom probably played this for me when I was still in her belly. I had a hard time picking just one song to post but I feel I had to go with this one, because I believe it is his most played song, and there is a reason for that. I love you Tom and I hope wherever you are, you’re happy. This is the second time I have posted one of Tom’s songs on my blog. I’m truly blessed to have gotten to see him play while he was still here. I can remember at the show, I traded my poncho to an older guy who in return gave me a beer (before I turned 21, shhh…) The ride home with Ian, his mom, and her friend was spent with all four of us singing every word to everysong on Steve Miller Band’s Greatest Hits 1974-78. I had an amazing time and wish I could do it again. ❤ Love you all!

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