John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads

Shilin and I just got back from our two week road trip!

The first place we went was to visit Ian Cooper in Clarksville, TN. Thank you for letting us stay at your place Ian! We had a blast! We went into Nashville while we were there with him, Nashville was kind of cool, but compared to our last leg of the trip in Memphis, Nashville doesn’t hold a candle.

After visiting Ian we drove down to the coast of Mississippi in Ocean Springs, we had a nice time walking along the beach there together.

Next stop was Lafayette, LA. We stayed there for 3 nights and our airbnb was very nice. We stayed in a house called Joan of Arc and the host was an artist, the city was really nice to walk around, beautiful scenery down there!

After Louisiana we headed over to Houston and went shopping in their giant mall, next stop was a suburb of Dallas called Irving, we didn’t do much in TX because we only stayed one night, I’d say the highlight of Texas was when we stopped at Whataburger! Ohhhhh damn… That was a good meal, reminded me of Steak’n’Shake. If you are in Texas I totally recommend stopping in for some food there (and try the spicy ketchup!)

Our second to last stop was in Little Rock, Arkansas where we tried to buy some alcohol on a Sunday… Whoops. Buy your beer before you cross the border if you happen to be traveling into Arkansas on a Sunday… Stupid, stupid, stupid law… And also unconstitutional if you ask me. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is in part stating that there should be a separation of church and state. Now think about that for a second, if religion should be in no part related to the laws… Then why is it that I, someone who doesn’t believe in any religions, can not purchase alcohol on a Sunday? That is a law made by christians because of some shit a dude wrote in a book a while back… Seems to me like religion is influencing law, hmmm…. sounds like a direct violation of the separation of church and state. The next morning at about 10 AM I went in and bought a beer.. Are you fucking kidding me? How does it make sense that you can buy beer at 10 AM on a Monday but not 7 PM on a Sunday. Fuck whoever decided that was a good idea, I think they are retarded.

ANYWAYSSSSSSSSS, that Monday was our 8 month anniversary! After buying the beer we headed to Pinnacle Mountain and we climbed alllll the way to the top where I finally enjoyed my beer! That was my first time ever climbing a mountain and it was really fun. Shilin was getting a bit nervous when we got close to the top, it definitely was a bit challenging but well worth it. We sat at the top for probably an hour enjoying the view. This was one of the best things about the whole trip and I am so glad that we did that on our 8 month anniversary, the weather was perfect, we got some great exercise, and had a lovely time together. Later that night, I took Shilin to Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken for dinner because I know how much she loves fried chicken.. that place was great! I tried collard greens for the first time and they were really good! Their fried pickles were excellent as well as their chicken! Would love to go back to that place someday.

The last place we stayed was at a house in Bartlett, TN just outside of Memphis. Damnnnnn was that airbnb nice, I want to live in that lady’s house. Or at least have her furnish mine. Bartlett is a very nice little suburb and is now a place I am considering moving to, along with Northern Arizona – somewhere a bit SW of Flagstaff (if you have any suggestions I would LOVEEE to hear them.) On top of the airbnb being wonderful, Memphis was SOO MUCH FUN!! I am trying to find out the name of the guy who played live music at Club 152 on the 19th while we were there because he was so great! Very fun experience, he included Shilin and I in the act as well as some others in the crowd. Also there was a couple from Denmark there that night that did a short set and they were also great! Gotta go check out Club 152 if you’re ever in Memphis. Earlier in the night we saw a couple from Australia order a Yeungling with Sprite, we were obviously intrigued.. I tried one, and loved it. MMMMM give me some more of dat! I LOVE MEMPHIS AND WANT TO GO BACK!

We had a long drive back to Athens, Ramshackle Glory was in the CD player and this song (Homeward Bound) went perfectly! What seemed like the longest stretch of it was right after we crossed the border back into Ohio we spent about 45 min winding through some very curvy country roads. I love country road drives but after driving for 8 hrs prior to it with a few bathroom breaks and putting oil in the car (it burns like 1 qt per 200 miles,) I have never been so relieved to finally see a highway again! Straight shoot 30 min to our house, I drove like the wind.

Once we got home, we washed up, ate some ramen, and headed into to town to have a few (too many) beers at our local biker bar – The Smiling Skull. The Skull is my favorite bar in town, I love the atmosphere in there and the PBR’s are the way I like ’em: cold and cheap. I eventually drank enough to join Shilin for my first karaoke ever. We were joined by an older man who helped me convince Shilin to sing. We decided on Take Me Home, Country Roads! It was hilarious because I don’t think any of us knew the verses… all we knew was the chorus XD. We changed it a bit too, instead of West Virginia we said South Ohio! I had so much fun drinking with my girl!

Today we are getting a few things done around town, picking up my very first real estate related check and hitting the road again to go visit my parents. COUNTRY ROADSSSSSSSSSS TAKE ME HOMEEEEEEEE, TO THE PLACEEEEEEEEE I BELONGGGGGGGGGGGG


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