Suplecs – Moped (Live)

Suplecs – Moped (Live at the Beachland Tavern)

Fun fact: I’m 99% certain I was at this show.  They had the misfortune of following the Black Keys (who were playing one of their last small venue shows) and the place was packed.   Unfortunately, all the Akron people that came up for the show made a beeline for the exit as soon as the Keys finished, leaving Suplecs to play for a “crowd” of about 5 people.  I was lucky enough to be one of the five, because these guys shredded.


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  1. I love the beachland ballroom/tavern!, saw a lot of great shows there. Mischief Brew, Why?, TV Girl (although the owner’s didn’t pay their electric and they came and shut the power off before TV Girl got to play…)


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