Jack Marks – Song For Me

Saw these guys live at The Cameron House in Toronto, Canada with my Mom & Dad, Sister & Jordan. I had such a good time with them, wish it could have been longer. I already miss my mom and dad. I’m excited to see Shilin though. ❤

Pick a Piper – All Her Colours (Vessels Remix)

Happy one month anniversary Shilin ❤

The past month with you has been amazing and I hope that I can spend my next 1,000 months learning, growing, and being happy with you.

“I love three things
the sun, the moon, and you
the sun for the day
the moon for the night
and you for ever…”







One of my favorite electronic tracks.


Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine

My momma sent me this recently. Also when I played some Bill Withers for my dad a year or so ago he recommended I check out this song. They both love this song and they both love each other. Their love is the reason I am alive and I thank them so much for the gift of life.

My mom told me she remembers hearing this in the 70’s when she was a little girl. She said she can imagine it playing from the kitchen of her grandmother in the morning, who always had her radio tuned to the alliance radio station.

I love you Rebecca

I love you Timothy

I love you Aurora

I love you Shilin

I love you all