Jack Marks – Plant Me a Garden


Happy birthday to James Chandler! He was Shilin’s host dad, and without him, I may have never met her. Tonight he came over for dinner and it was so great to see him. I always loved being at his place out in Hocking County, it’s one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been. I could just sit there and relax forever. Someday I’m gonna have a bunch of land in the country, and I’m gonna plant me a garden and raise some chickens. Country livin’ is medicine for my soul. I saw this band up in Canada with my family, they put on a great show. My favorite song by them is “Song for Me”.

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Punch Brothers – Julep

I haven’t heard this one in a while, and mannnn am I happy that I started marking all my favorite songs years ago. I’m always a click away from hearing a song I love that I haven’t heard in a long time. This is one of those. I hope you enjoy it too!