Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution – A Call To Arms

The Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution ” is a musical collective including influences from ska, punk, classical, and eastern European music, entirely in an acoustic format including classically trained musicians. It is composed of former Catch 22 members Tomas Kalnoky and Jamie Egan, in addition to Nick Afflitto, Marcy Ciuffreda, Matt Dannenberg, Rachel Goldstein, Layton Hayes, John Paul Jones, Achilles Kalnoky, Paul Lowndes, Chris Paszik, Mark Rendeiro, Dan Ross, Pete Sibilia, Shane Thomson, and Natalia Ushak.”

Tomas Kalnoky is the singer/songwriter from Catch 22, and Streetlight Manifesto. Streetlight Manifesto is one of my favorite bands. On this EP they play acoustic versions of many songs that were previously by Catch 22, and some songs that went on to be on Streetlight Manifesto’s first album. These are some of my favorite versions of all of these songs. This album belongs in my top 100 albums of all time. It’s less than 20 minutes long, so please take the time to check it out, and if you enjoy it support the band by buying an album or some merch here:

“I draw the line at suicide, so here’s to life!”