Alina Baraz – High


I’ve loved Alina’s music since the first time I listed to her Urban Flora album with Galimatias. This is from her new album The Color of You the whole album was just as good as her first one. I’m excited to hear more from her! Alina was born in Cleveland, OH just an hour or two north of where I grew up. If you haven’t heard anything by her yet I recommend starting with literally any song. Just got some new headphones today – SteelSeries Arctis 3. This was the first album I played with them, and it sounded great!

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TOKiMONSTA – I Wish I Could


I just finished watching the newest episode of “Explained” on Netflix, and it featured TOKiMONSTA – an electronic/hip-hop producer and DJ.

“Lee was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease in late 2015. After undergoing two surgeries, Lee stated that she had briefly lost language and comprehension skills. Once these were regained, Lee eventually began work on her latest album “Lune Rouge”, despite not being able to fully understand music. She has stated that this album was the most personal piece of work of her due to the previously mentioned circumstances and hardships that she had endured prior to making the album” – wikipedia

Basically, after her brain surgery she lost her comprehension of music. And this was the first song she created once her brain had regained it’s ability to understand music.

I can’t imagine living without music.

The show “Explained” is really awesome, shout out to my sister for showing it to me.

“Let’s all be glad to be alive” – TOKiMONSTA

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