TV Girl – Like We Planned (ft. Maddie Acid)

“Love is a drug, and a kiss is a hit, and I’m just standin’ on the corner, just wonderin’ if I could fall in love… Well a girl can dream, or you can die alone but… What does it all mean?”


I can’t fucking wait to go see TV Girl tomorrow night in Columbus! They are playing at the Spacebar starting at 8P, come on out!!! Last time I went to these guys show the power went out at the bar right before their set -_- I may just take my acoustic guitar for a worst case scenario haha. Continue reading “TV Girl – Like We Planned (ft. Maddie Acid)”

TV Girl – If You Want It

My friend Jeremy shared this video of him and his friends skating YEARSSS ago, and when I watched it.. I instantly found one of my new favorite bands, TV Girl. I have every album by these guys and could post so many great songs by them, and I probably will over time.. If you like what you hear and want some suggestions of my favorite tracks let me know!

Looks like Todd Rundgren sued them for the sample of “Hello It’s Me” because I can’t seem to find any download links to it online.